How to Add Site Blogspot in Google Adsense

Hi everyone, talking about google adsense, lately it's a little crowded in among bloggers, let alone discuss about the new features in google adsense ie add site review, this new feature requiring the pulisher who want to put an ad in the new blog, to do the process of review by google, maybe this is a way for google to improve the quality of the publisernya. Unlike the case in the adsense account first before the add feature of the site, any you already have an account with google adsense, you can put ads on your blog wherever you want even though the blog was not eligible google TOS.

Lately admin see many bloggers asking, how do I add a blogspot in the add site review, because it always can't and it says open the partner host to add this site to adsense.

How to Add Site Blogspot in Google Adsense

Okay dude, for a solution like this, so to add blogspot not through the add site google adsense, but directly through blogger, because features add site are only aimed at the domain-domain TLD such as .com, .net, .id etc. To the steps, first you open the first blogger you, and then select the part of the earnings.

Then later there is a menu to login to google adsense, please you choose, and you will be directed to login to your google adsense account you. Kok picture at the top there is menu to login to google adsense min?  because the above example I am using a new blog.

After that the display will appear like this.

After that you select the account adsense you, then google will start to do a review blog you guys, the admin experience in 1 x 24 hours, you will have received the results, whether the blog you received or not it depends of the content you guys.

Well like it how to add site blogspot in google adsense, suppose there is an explanation I admin the less obvious, you can leave a comment below.

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