The Difference Domain And Hosting

Hi buddy all talking about the domain of course you bloggers have heard yes, or even you have planned to create a new domain TLD to upgrade your blogspot domain, of course for people who have never created a domain will be confused, how the hell do you make it?, how is there hosting all that anyway?, how to subscribe to expensive hosting really?, maybe that's the question that will come to your mind,  Because I used to feel that way hehe.

Okay, here's the explanation.

What is a domain?

A domain is a name that you buy on a hosting service provider with payment every year. Remember !!, domain is just a name, unlike blogspot, when you create a blog with an address you can immediately create articles there and run your blog, but the domain, even though you have bought it, you can not use it so you have to rent hosting on the service. Examples of TLD domains such as .com, .net, .id have different prices / years, depending on the service provider, there are even service providers who curate the domain if you are hosting in the service media.

Like that if we talk about domains, currently there are many service providers for domains and hosting, for those of you who want to create a domain and rent hosting please find a quality one and do not just take even though the price is very cheap. Next we will discuss about hosting, what the hell is hosting?, please refer to the tracking below.

What is hosting?

Hosting is a service for your domain so that you can create a web, you could say hosting is a server for your web in the form of storage media for files on the web created, files can be images, applications, videos etc., because if you create your own server you need a lot of funds so that there are media services that are costing each year. It can be like this, hosting is a mall and the domain is the shophouses that are in it, and the shophouse you can use to store your merchandise, and if you rent hosting means you rent the shophouses.

Well so many differences about domain and hosting, for mastah maybe this difference is not a problem, but for beginner bloggers this is so confusing that admin write this to help beginners in understanding it. Suppose there is something less clear than my writing, please comment by pressing add commant above the title of the article.

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