How To Order The Article Directly Indexed By Google Of The Latest

Before getting into it would be better you know about the article or new blog to indexed Google. Every time we create a blog is not necessarily a new blog we will be performing in the search engine google,one way to know our blog is already indexed in google or not is to write the name of our domain in the search engines but for more detail you should write for example or a new blog is created not necessarily directly will be indexed in google, so also with the new article we make, sometimes it takes 3-7 days new article we recently appeared on the search engine google.but there are as articles and a new blog that is not in the index at google altogether and takes 3 to 1 month let indexed, very sad.

Therefore i'll share the tutorial so that your website or posting you guys go straight into the google search engine nih, the way is easy ko pretty look this good You will understand !!

How To Order The Article Directly Indexed By Google Of The Latest?

Before I say thank you to you guys who've been visiting this website, at the meeting this time i'll share latest way of How To Articles Directly Indexed By Google of the Latest.

Let's go straight to the stage of the tutorial.

Step by Step Is:

1. Visit Google WebMaster Tools / Google Search Console

2. List your google Account and the Input your site there

3. If Already logged in to the Dashboard WebMaster Tools Press Inspection URL

4. Put the Link of the Post you're above it and Then you press Enter.

5. After that you press and ASK INDEXING

6. Wait up to a minute or two will usually be finished.

7. After finish press again TEST the URL of the ACTIVE and wait a few moments

8. Finish of your Website is instantly indexed in google

Very easy is not the Way That the Article Directly Indexed By Google of the Latest

After doing the tutorial that you're living check the Course works like this for example

site:, replace the domain and have the same :* Okay up there that could admin convey to you guys hopefully useful for you all.

The conclusion that we can take is that Google robots and robots there must be control if we don't control it then who will control the robot? clear all of us!

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