4 sites to learn to become a hacker

After applying the ways to become a hacker, here are the websites that you can visit to deepen the ability to become a hacker.

1. Cybrary

Cybrary is a website that accommodates hackers to study cybersecurity. With more than three million professionals and a selection of product packages offered ranging from free to 50 US dollars per month. You can get courses on Ethical Hacking, Cryptography, even Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering.

2. SecurityTube 

Video sharing sites like Youtube fan version of the operating system and programming language can be found here. Launched in 2008, the website focuses on problem solving and ethical hacking.  

3. EDX 

Learn Python, Blockchain or want to understand Full-Stack Development like Harvard or MIT students can here. Websites that work directly with the world's top institutions that provide computer science classes can be present on your computer screen.

4. Sans Cyber Aces

Websites that provide cyber security and information security training classes are indeed quite deep. The cost of up to 5000 US$ will be guided directly by professionals in their field will benefit a lot for your ability to hack. The site also has different classes for students and teachers.  

After you know 4 sites to learn to become a hacker, now is the time you know and learn the programming language that you must master to become a hacker.

  • HTML

html website coding 

By mastering HTML, hackers will be able to understand website actions, responses and so on - EKRUT

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language used to create a website page. It displays a variety of information in a website browser and simple hypertext formatting written in ASCII formatting files. The goal is to produce an intated display of form. By mastering HTML, hackers are able to understand the actions of websites, responses, and so on.

  • Javascript

Javascript website coding 

Learning Javascript can help hackers understand client side mechanisms 

Javascript is an HTML and website development language that is widely used on websites for better interfaces and quick response. By studying Javascript, hackers can understand the client-side mechanism or user side to find its weaknesses.

  • PHP

PHP website coding 

PHP is a programming language that is widely used for the handling, creation and development of a site and can be used in conjunction with HTML. With this, hackers can control everything on the site and server.

  • SQL

SQL website coding 

SQL is a language used to access relational data. One of its uses is to manage sensitive information such as user credentials, bank details, user details and more. With this, hackers can learn sensitive information from a website.

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