The Relationship Between Humans and Technology

Talking about science and technology seems to be inseparable from the human element in it, because as we understand that humans are knowledgeable and maakhluk creatures who are extraordinarily able to create and develop their technology. Man is a social being, an extraordinary individual who always develops himself through the process of his mind.  (Definition of man), Human civilization, moving by its own logic, forms a historical plot building that correlates with human interests and humanity. When in the early days of its development it moves slowly and smoothly along with the rhythm of human needs that are still confined by mythology, but slowly then shows its acceleration after being touched by science and technology produced by the components of modernity.

Modernity experienced by humans today is supported by the spirit of the Renaissance and Aufklärung, The basic values awakened by the Renaissance era is the ideal of giving birth to a free man, who has been shackled by a middle-century era ruled by the Church or religion. Renaissance free man is a man who no longer wants to be bound by orotitas (tradition, church system, etc.), except the authority that exists in each person. The Renaissance free man was then "matured" by the Aufklärung era, which turned out to have given birth to a mental attitude that believed in one's own abilities on the basis of rationality, and was very optimistic to be able to master its future, so that humans (the West) became creative and innovative. (KoentoWibisono, Impact of Technology on Culture, in Karim, Rusli, M. & Ridjal Fauzi (Ed.). Economic dynamics and science and technology in development. Yogyakarta: Tiara Wacana, 1992, p. 104.)

The spirit of the Renaissance and Aufklärung had an impact on the increasing thrust that influenced the development of science and technology, namely the view to master nature. There is no day without creation and innovation. Since then the Western world has taken off fulfilling the end of unsanityed science to conquer and rule nature for the sake of "the welfare of its life". 

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