How to Create a Progressive Web App (PWA) With Wordpress

Hello friends, thank you for visiting the web devil serial. On this occasion I will share information about how to create a Progressive Web App on Web Wordpress, so before continuing, it's a good idea to explain first what is Proresive Web App or the usual known as PWA.

PWA is a website-based application that is built by performing an optimization process of a website. This optimization not only makes the website faster to access, but also provides an experience like using a mobile application, besides using the PWA system we also don't need to create a separate application.

The following are examples of applications that use the PWA system, including Pinterest, Twitter and Olx. How about friends, are you interested in using the PWA system on your website, to be able to use the PWA system there are several platforms that you can use, including bootstrap, wordpress and so on. On this occasion, I will give a special guide for friends who use wordpress websites for making their websites.

To be able to use PWA on your wordpress website, first you must install a plugin called super pwa, for detailed images you can check below

After installing, don't forget to activate the super PWA plugin so that the plugin can function optimally, after that you can make settings by filling in the provided fields, including inputting the application name according to the name of the application you want. Next, enter the short name of your application for your users so that they can more easily remember your web application. Enter a description of your application, the next step is to upload your application icon with a resolution of 512 * 512 px and upload a promotional image or opening image of your application to fill your application's splash screen.

After you have done all of the above processes, the next step is your friend can choose the color and theme of your application according to the color and theme you want and select the start page on the home page and the offline page on the home page, so that users who are losing signal or there is no internet network still remain. can open your app via cache from your app user experience. Next, select orientation by selecting portrait and display in full screen and after that don't forget to save settings or save your settings, after successfully saving, please refresh and see the difference in your website, which was originally a normal website, now it can become a website like a native app. access using a smartphone device. Thank you for visiting the blog, don't forget to share this information with others, so that more people will benefit from this article.

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