Hackers take over tens of millions of Facebook accounts

In late September, Facebook announced an intrusion by hackers. With a loophole in Facebook's "See As" feature, which allows users to view their profiles as other users, hackers took advantage of the loophole and took over Facebook user accounts. According to a Facebook press release on September 29, 2018, the tech giant is investigating the case. At least 50 million Facebook users have been affected by the breach. How do I know if your Facebook account has been targeted by hackers?

Features of affected Facebook accounts

To find out the possibility of your Facebook account also affected by this break-in, there are several efforts that you can do.

First, if you have signed out of your account on Facebook, your account could potentially be affected by this break-in. Then, after you log in to your account again, Facebook will provide information that your account is affected.

This happened because Facebook immediately took steps against this break-in by logging out 40 million accounts. Dozens of such accounts were not affected, but have been targeted by hackers over the past year. 

Facebook shuts down "See As" feature

Facebook's vice president of product management, Guy Rosen, announced that Facebook has finally shut down its "See As" or "View As" feature, because it has threatened the social network's security. However, users do not need to change account passwords following this hacker attack.

Facebook also confirmed that it has closed the gap, so users don't have to worry. However, again the impact is inevitable. About 50 million users may not be able to get their accounts back.

Not the first case.

This isn't the first time this has been facebook's first. Some time ago, Facebook was dogged by the issue of data leaks with Cambridge Analytica.

In response, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated, "This is a very serious issue, we are very focused on addressing it." He also revealed, until now, based on Facebook investigations, there has been no sign of data misuse after hackers accessed tens of millions of accounts on the social network.

Facebook is now working with law enforcement, including the FBI, to find out the perpetrators of the attack. The investigation is still being conducted to this day.

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