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Hi buddy all talk about registering a blog for google adsense account can actually be said to be easy difficult, many bloggers who once register directly received, but many also register up to many times but not received even though visitors have been many, the admin experience itself here must also be repeated to be received google adsense. 
As per the title of the article above sob, this time we will discuss about how to write articles so that when we registerour blogto google adsense is not rejected many times, so we immediately become publicists and monetize our blog. Here admin writes based on experience when registering adsense first, maybe the science will also still be useful for those of you who want to become google adsense publishers.

Okay directly, here admin divides our discussion into 3 subjects of discussion, for explanation please refer to admin writing.

1. Original content

The main requirement for our blog received by Google Adsense is with original content, meaning here is that the content is made by you or can be called not compas from other blogs. so for all of you please create your own original content, make it as good as possible, as interesting as possible, and as complete as possible, position yourself as Google Adsense, suppose there is a blog that registers with you with content as is and not quality, want not you to accept? Of course the answer is no, because you are looking for quality, as well as Google Adsense.  Indeed, to find good and original content is difficult, but once you find it then it will be the hallmark of your blog itself. And for all of you, write something useful for others so that we indirectly become useful to others.

2. Unique Content

The content that admin means other than useful writing is the composition of your article, which is in the form of writing, images, or other supporting elements. For writing please create an article with a minimum of 500 words or more, ideally for articles with 500 words there are only 4 supporting elements in the form of images, animations, or videos, if in all articles you have too many images then you certainly will not be accepted by Google Adsense. In the website or blog, we present our work in the form of writing while images, animations, or videos are just supporting elements to clarify our writing, the most important thing is your writing, but it should not also be if in our article only writing, why so?, likened to you a reader, if all you read is all of course you so do not feel at home for a long time reading it.

So ideally for articles that contain a short description with a range of 500 words, we recommend using a composition like this.

  1. 1 picture for the beginning of your article.
  2. 2 supporting images of your article.
  3. 1 animated/supporting video.

3. Follow Google's TOS

This is what needs to be considered, when you write articles, please pay attention to this, especially the most sensitive thing is the issue of copyright or copyright, in the GOOGLE TOS you are prohibited to distribute anything copyrighted such as games, movies, applications, etc., or indirectly you should not write about downloads that can be in the form of game downloads,  application, movie, or otherwise without the relevant permission. In addition, avoid writing related to piracy of applications, games, cracks, etc.

In the process of submitting a blog for adsense accounts must pass the review stage, if you write about something that violates google TOS, then the google adsense party will know and you will be rejected to be their publisher. Well so many posts this time, hopefully useful, if you have other experiences please write in the comments field, so it is useful for others :).

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