Link RKT Page and CPC On Google Adsene

For you bloggers, of course, already be familiar with the term CTR page, CPC, etc., because it has become a meal every day. But you know what the hell is actually no relationship between the two, here the admin wrote based on experiences during dabbling in the world of bloggers. The real key to adsense is the blog traffic you and the results can indirectly has been specified by google adsense itself.

Okay guys, before we get in on the discussion, the admin will write down the definition of CPC and CTR halaman, for you who already know skip aja this section.

Understanding CTR page

CTR page is the ratio of the click page impressions or can be called also a comparison between the appearance of the page by the number of clicks the ad, the formula to get the ctr page is (the number of ad clicks / page views) x 100%.

The value of the CTR page normal is less than 10% and the condition is best

the range of 2% - 4 %. If you have a CTR of the page in the top 10% immediate evaluation of your blog before it is exposed to impact, the impact can be either decline the CPC to the most severe baned adsense account buddy.

Understanding CPC

CPC is a paid-per-click ads, so the higher the CPC you guys of course the greater the income you guys. CPC influenced a lot of things, one of them CTR page. The following is an explanation of the relationship between CTR page with the CPC.  The relationship between CTR page with CPC

admin done alluded to above that income was determined from the traffic of our blog and indirectly been determined by google adsense itself, until the current admin always observe what the hell is the relationship between CTR page with the CPC, and came to a conclusion that the CTR page that low range of 1% resulted in a rise in CPC is almost 2x fold compared with ctr pages 3% - 4%, then when the CTR page to reach 7% to the top of the CPC instantly dropped to a miserable price.

Events such as this occur when the previous CTR admin page touching 15% in the previous month, and next month CPC directly drop, after the incident to get high CPC with CTR pages 3% - 5% start is very difficult.

Here the admin suggest you keep playing it safe for the CTR page, to make the CTR page below 10% don't put an ad in the near links, advertising drift or ads that are placed in a place prone to click not on purpose, maybe you think it will increase the revenue you, but on the contrary, it will destroy you in plots of land. Need to remember bud, that in this world there is nothing that instant, the success of it directly proportional to the effort, and that name is trying it's certainly not bad, but believe just that you guys will enjoy the results in a moment later.

Well the posting times of this, I hope this article is useful for all of you who read it, for example there is something that you want to convey, please write down in the comments guys :)

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